EQ equalization

Two types of using eq: corrective vs shaping

  • use corrective eq (f.e. removing bass-rumble from vocals) before dynamic fx
  • use shaping eq (f.e. adding some weirdness to a electric guitar) after dynamic fx

You can't raise what isn't there to start with, f.e.:
Adding air to an acoustic guitar recorded with inferior mics is almost impossible

Cutting is better then raising

Cut narrow, raise wide

it doesn't matter if an instrument sounds bad when soloed, so feel free to cut a lot of low end out of an electric guitar so it doesn't conflict with drum & bass

If you want an instrument to cut better through the mix don't raise the fundamental freq, but instead decrease it a little and raise the overall level of the track

If you want more more kick / bass in your mix you probably don't need eq but more compression on these (and only these)

Instead of adding f.e. 6 dB at 1 kHz, try adding 4 dB at 1 kHz and 2dB at 2kHz