Anushri in plexiglas

Mutable Instruments Anushri

Zelfbouw uit kit

Heeft zo'n 4 uur gekost.

De klank van de monofone analoge synth is erg fijn. Dat was dan ook al duidelijk te horen op de Anushri pagina.

Meer verbaasd ben ik over de drumsequencer: uniek en erg leuk.
Heerlijk om een uur aan te laten staan: bijna herhalend, maar net telkens even anders.


What is it?

The neck of the GuiBoard has buttons as midi keyboard. The lower row starts left at C and the upper row starts left at G. So the upper row is the fifth of the lower.
The body has the usual keyboard controls on the left, inputs / outputs on top and an open (wooden) space on the right. Attached to this wood is a Digitar by Charlie Lab.

Why is it?

I like the interface of a guitar, that is: my right hand likes it. My left hand doesn't ;)

How is it made?

Well, I bought a Digitar and a Korg K25. I reverse-engineered the keys-pcb of the K25 and built it as the buttons on the neck. The controllers-pcb and the output-pcb of the K25 are still factory fresh (pcb = printed circuit board). Of course some wood and screws were harmed in the process. Still in some early alpha stage.

How is it used?

Put it on like a guitar. Hold it like a guitar. Press (no need to hold) the buttons to play a chord and strum or pick the Digitar.

What else?

Leave the Digitar be and attach a midi control surface to the wood. Now you can input notes / chords and control your favourite sequencer.

Why the name?

Because keytar is already used:)

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