Audio tips

These tips are all very general and must only be considered as a starting point for someone new in this field.
Try them out and adjust to taste.

Reason Routings

This part of the website is dedicated to Reason, a great product by Propellerhead Software.

Books on audio

Modern recording techniques by Huber & Runstein

The microphone book by John Eargle

Reverb / delay

Delays shorter then 40 ms sound as if they are part of the original sound, i.e. they do not sound as an echo

Pan / Stereo

try panning stereo tracks a little different then hard left and right,
try f.e. 9 and 2 o'clock

instead of using 'fake' stereo fx like chorus on a mono source (most keyboards work this way),

EQ equalization

Two types of using eq: corrective vs shaping

  • use corrective eq (f.e. removing bass-rumble from vocals) before dynamic fx

Compression / Compressor

A compressor enhances the already dominant frequencies

Drums: Big live sound
Double the drums onto a separate track, compress heavily and add this track slowly into the mix

Recording essentials

What it takes to make a great recording

My order:
01 Good music (composition and arrangement)
02 Good performance (an audience can make all the difference)
03 Good room (accoustics)

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